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Active in the Paris region since the early 2000, in & rsquo; underground world of sound system. J & rsquo; got the & rsquo; opportunity to work with many artists as Rojah B and Terry Bible with which j & rsquo; did many dates trio. Thereafter, collaborations on my street albums Lion Killa, Lord diamen, Streup Daddy and Red Lion m & rsquo; allowed d & rsquo; statement of style on Franco Latin instrumentals reggae dancehall. On the road, j & rsquo;'ve crossed paths with control tower sound system with which we recorded in CT STYLE feat with Rojah B. At the same moment, Greatest records friends suggested that I participate in the & rsquo; recording music riddim and blue riddim. Following the first parts as Admiral T, Alpha Blondy you Danakil, my encounters with musicians m & rsquo; gave the & rsquo; want to propose a project with multiple sounds. I wanted to highlight my Latin influences and conduct an independent and fully self-produced project. For this, j & rsquo; did the other musicians of lion stepper band and Rool who composed 13 title of & rsquo; album “J'voyais”. L & rsquo; goal was to make an eclectic album to various influences.

Here is a list of artists and albums on which j & rsquo; worked :

Album :

  • Do You Remember Roje B 2011 | Greatest Friends Records/ Senorita – Mota Favela, Roje B
  • Live Up Right Lion Stepper 2008 | Step by Step Asso We see the world Lion Stepper, Mota Favela, Terry Bible
  • C.t. style | Control Tower Roger Banton, Mota Favela 2007 – 15 securities

Sreet tape :

  • King Stone Effect 3 – 2013 Avec Raggasonic, Queen Omega, Biga*Ranx, Roje B, Terry Bible, Shorty One, Mota Favela, Yoshi, Gaïden, L’aborigene, Kaoven, Yoda, Kaso, Little Irie A Kyam
  • SELECTEUR OCTA™ – MIXTAPE July 2013 / 25- Mota Favela – Dubplate Holdtight Shaolin Sound
  • Go Tell Them #1 • 3rd Clan Mixtape 2010 – 100% Dubplates Francophones avec :Sw8ddim, Taïro, Original Uman, Keefaz, Olijah, Mathieu Ruben, Fredo Faya, Tonton Al.G, Lu.K, Yass,Terry Bible, Papou Ras / Fx, Secure, Mota Favela, Fyah P, Sista Macy's, Osiris, Little Dany, Kaso, Shorty, L & rsquo; neze, King Daddy Yod, Caporal Nigga / Lord Diamen, Tonton David, Bobs, K.L.I, Baby G, In this, Roi Yaltiz, Deewaï, Yoda, Mc Janik, Latypik, Dom Lion, Dock Yo, Positiv Young Lion, WCC, Molyah, Daddy Clean, Sista Nayah, Vagabon’, Colonel Pat Rubben, Don Pako, Maria White, Tiwony, Albinos Williams, Daddy Nuttea, Don Romano, Mr Lezard, Jah Den, Brahim, Yaniss Odua
  • Zot If Conn 2008: plis love feat Terry Bible
  • HIGHER LEVEL SOUND2008 : Le French DAYBREAK Riddim / 10 – MOTA FAVELA – babylone

Featuring :

  • Mix Tape “Feel This One” Joyfull sound system

  • You- Dancehall Reggae Frances Vol.7 -2009 / 07. Red Lion Ft. Mota Favela- Roll ****
  • Blue Riddim Various Artists 2009 | Greatest Friends Records / Quemar Babylon (Blue Riddim) – Mota Favela
  • Music Riddim Various Artists 2009 | Greatest Friends Records / Welcome to Paris – Mota Favela
  • Made In Unity Volume 1 / 16-Ghetto youth dem-Mota Favela,Lord Diamen,Streup Daddy a Kaoken

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