The Project

“J'voyais” 2014

This project is the result of collaboration between two artists from the Paris suburbs : singer Mota Favela and guitarist Steering.

From the same neighborhood, they each developed their side very diverse musical influences.

Mota Favela bathed in le reggae, Latin music or dance-hall,

Rool is more oriented le blues, the soul or funk le. C & rsquo; however around & rsquo and a shared taste for texts engaged with distilled pest flows and rhythmic sounds to acoustic instrumentals that are found both artists.

L & rsquo; idea for this project arose naturally. A text of Mota goes well on a grid Rool, and d & rsquo; other texts on d & rsquo; other grids.

Together, they recorded a first acoustic model and s & rsquo; surround d & rsquo; drummer, d & rsquo; copper and a d & rsquo section and a keyboard that significantly enrich this album.

This album has many facets, a real trip between & rsquo; Europe and & rsquo; Latin America through the Caribbean.
The nostalgia côtoie l & rsquo; espoir, flirts with melancholy & rsquo; joy, c & rsquo; is the gathering of all these energies leading to the draft nature of many colors.

& Nbsp;

Listen to the new album

Info on & rsquo; album :

Producer : Nicolas MATHIEU
Battery : Arthur TRAVERT
Guitar : Julien REMY
Guitar : Vincent COMBETTE
Low : Julien REMY
Low : Christophe ALEMAN
Keyboard : Rudy NGUYEN
Saxophone alto : Grégory BENZEKRY
Saxophone ténor : Jered What besylate
Trombone : César BALLEYGUIER

Recorded at Studio Lion Stepper battery (Magny-les-Hamlets)
Guitars and bass recorded at Studio NPH (Montigny-le-Bretonneux)
Keyboards, voice, Choirs : enregistrés au Greatest Friends Studio (Hatches)
Mixé et masterisé par Rudy NGUYEN au Greatest Friends Studio (Hatches)
Distributed by Jam Flavor (2014)

Prestations live :

  • Mode full Band : with 7 experienced musicians (Battery : Romain Andrieu / Guitar : Julien Remy / Guitar : Joe / Low : Christophe Aleman / section cuivre saxo alto, tenor sax, trombone ) + Mota Favela au chant (opportunity & rsquo; invite & rsquo; other artists)
  • Mode Acoustique : with a guitar lead : Julien Remy and percussion : + Mota Favela au chant
  • Mode sound system : with a selector platinum and Mota Favela vocals

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  • TAURINES Pascal commented 26 November 2014 Reply

    Buy the CD, that's great!!

  • Roman commented 25 October 2014 Reply

    Mota Favela ! LISTEN WELL! booom big Faya !

  • Thibault Lame commented 13 October 2014 Reply

    I love it!

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